Promoting Safety in Sports


A common misconception among youths engaging in sports is they are tough if they are able to still get into the game despite injury. Instances of death have been recorded because of this common misunderstanding. Safety is always the number one concern in sports and there have been several bills enacted to protect athletes from danger.

The state of California has Mary Hayashi as one of their productive Assemblywoman supporting health care. Working as a member of the legislative assembly, Mary has several achievements

She has championed some legislations related to economic development, health and public safety. In the arena of sports, her bill, which was signed into law as AB 25 continues to protect the welfare of athletes. With the passing of AB 25, California became one of the states that has very tough guidelines in allowing students athletes from returning to play.

Under the AB 25 law, athletes are outright prohibited from playing the game if they are suspected to have any head injury. Under this law, the go signal from the legal guardian and a clearance from a health care professional are required before the athlete can go back to the game or join the practice. With Mary Hayashi’s AB 25, athletes are given protection from possible death due to concussion.

The enthusiasm that athletes show to return to the game right away after having a concussion increases the likelihood of sustaining another incident. This increases the risk of brain injury which would likely result to a coma and even death.

Local and national athletes have shown their support for the bill while it was being drafted for legislative use. Several studies conducted by the team of Mary pointed out that there is a long term effect on the memory of athletes who have suffered from a concussion. Additionally, these diseases are even experienced after the retiring age of these athletes. Before the AB 25 became a law in the state of California in 2011, The National Football League has shown their support for the bill.

Heralded as one of the biggest contributions of Mary Hayashi, the AB 25 continues to discourage and protect athletes from committing fatal damage to their health. The AB 25 is a law that is exclusively applied in the state of California and other states have enacted legislations that promote sports safety.

Sports safety regulations should always be exercised by every school district that operates an athletic program. The school should also have the their own initiatives to provide medical services in relation to any athletic events. Additionally, it is best that school districts disseminate information related to sports injury as more and more youths engage in sports annually. Sports safety not only ends in having the right equipment, but also with the athletes and the right supervision they receive.


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